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The LightWire Banker is the experimental project of our company and at the same time a corner-stone of future developments. We believe that in the future smaller banks – in possession of adequate licenses – and financial services may gain larger and larger importance requiring cost-effective IT developments from financial institutions.

The LightWire is a financial IT system, which can be used as an interior platform of banks and financial services and also as a connecting interface of large financial systems. Beyond the normal STP (Straight Through Processing), ARC (Acquire Retain and Cross-sell) and EDM (Enterprise Data Management) functions, its base configuration already includes financial subsystems such as credit card processing, interface of warehouse CP/CNP transactions or the intelligent AML (Anti-Money Laundering) modules.

Due to certain controlling variances and the diversity of the applied methods, the LightWire as a complex system is presently available in a few countries only. Though the employed modules can uniquely be installed at companies of almost any size. LightWire cannot be purchased in retail trade; each system is custom installed by our own specialists.

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