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We developed such unique methods and task management that enable us to attend the demands of our customers in a quality provided by large corporations but with the dynamics of small companies. The basis of this is a single factor: all our employees know and are experts of the company’s products, the applied procedures and methods in the extent necessary to attend their own tasks.

In accordance with this we support and expect the continuous training of our employees, the close participation in the whole inside knowledge-based communication of the company and the close cooperation between the technological division and the leaders of the projects; at the same time we require the technological proficiency of the management.

We believe that due to the complexity of the industry IT developments can only be successful if they are – irrespectively of the size of the project – adequately planned, are based on the works of developers who possess adequate professional knowledge and experience and if the whole project commands professional quality assurance.

United Technology Alliance is like a big family. Accordingly, the prospective family members can expect a significant challenge both professionally and as a human being, while as a member of the family they can count upon the support of all other family members.

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