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Who we are looking for
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In the course of hiring for our available positions we count on the employment of applicants who – beyond the professional activity and knowledge – think like us. We also believe that career and the progress coming with it is also important though we try to find a solution to this within the group.

So what are the basic requirements of our future employees?

  • Professional excellence: above all outstanding performance in the personal professional field; experience, ability to further improvement and personal development

  • Technological interest: let it be about either accounting or logistics, the interest in technology and the appreciation of the products/services is a prerequisite here

  • Reliability: in the interest of keeping our faith in people we wish to make sure of the reliability of our employees in several levels in an ongoing manner

  • Commitment: the accomplishment of the vision of the future is only possible jointly and with perpetual work that is why we expect absolute commitment and devoted work from our employees

  • Flexibility: we are looking for those to complete our team who understand what “round-the-clock work” means in a position and who are not just seeking excuses for everything

If you have not done that yet, please read a short introduction to our methods of work as well or apply right now!