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Our vision, mission
At United Technology Alliance we believe that the information technology in the 21st century is not a goal but a means – a means for companies and the governments of the world to be able to match the challenges of the globalized world less and less expensively and more and more efficiently, while the customers, users and citizens can manage their businesses in a comfortable and calculable way so that they could use the saved time and money for raising their standards of living.

It is our firm belief that at every part of the world the high quality and well-designed systems come to existence in favor of the people and that beyond their basic functions the individual products are increasingly going to provide intelligent solutions. Based on this, our company is committed to produce such high-quality products which pass beyond their basic functions, contain intelligent solutions and generate universally usable components.

Our vision is a world in which information technology helps people self-realize in their work by taking the “unnecessary” organization, systematization, regulation and administration tasks off their shoulders. The systems of this world are going to be made up of independent but interrelated hardware and software elements, to which United Technology Alliance wants to add all its professional knowledge.

We believe that the basics of future developments are increasingly going to be the open source software and/or open standard solutions – either as the alternatives for other applications or even as their supplements. To promote this, United Technology Alliance renders 5 percent of its yearly after-tax revenue of the whole group to open source developments or to the support of organizations, in addition also supports its employees in the participation in such projects.